Central Alabama Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (CAMTEP)

The Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership (MTE-Partnership) is a partnership  of institutions of higher education and K-12 schools, districts, and other organizations working collaboratively to redesign secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs. The partnership has the goal of providing a coordinated research and development effort for secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs in order to meet the challenges of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and to embody research and best practices in the field. Dr. Gary Martin of Auburn University serves as the co-director of the Partnership and head of the Measures Working Group, and Dr. Marilyn Strutchens serves on the leadership team and leads the Clinical Experiences Research Action Cluster.

Auburn University is the lead institution for the Central Alabama Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership  (CAMTEP), which is one of the institutional teams for MTE-Partnership – along with Tuskegee University, Alabama State University, AMSTI, and local school districts. Dr. Marilyn Strutchens is the team leader for CAMTEP.

The CAMTEP team is currently participating with two of the MTE-Partnership Research Action Clusters:

  • Clinical Experiences, focusing on developing infrastructures and models for clinical experience that best meet the needs of teacher candidates in their internship experience. Dr. Marilyn Strutchens leads the CAMTEP team.
  • Actively Learning Mathematics, focusing on reforming freshman/sophomore level mathematics courses to ensure learning takes place in an active environment with attention to the habits of mind envisioned by the Standards for Mathematical Practice in the Common Core State Standards. Dr. Ulrich Albrecht from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics leads the CAMTEP team.

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