Professional Mathematics Learning Communities (PMLC)

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The Partnership

The purpose of the partnership is to establish professional learning communities in order to provide collaborative and sustained professional development for teachers in targeted K-12 schools. The immediate focus of the professional development is the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards, especially the Standards of Mathematical Practice. To this end, we have established the following goals:

1) To establish a triad leadership team of mathematics educators, mathematicians, and AMSTI specialists to provide professional development for facilitating PLCs, monitor school and across-district PLC development, and help the school systems move toward sustaining the PLCs focused on continuous improvement and evaluation of instruction and learning;

2) To provide professional development for administrators to help them become knowledgeable of issues related to mathematics instruction and versed in the dimensions related to successful PLCs;

3) To provide grade level leaders with professional development related to the ACCRS-M, facilitating PLCs, and student data analysis;

4) To provide teachers with professional development related to the ACCRS-M, participating in PLCs, and pedagogical analysis; and

5) To improve student outcomes through the work of the PLCs.


  • Transforming East Alabama Mathematics (TEAM-Math)
    • TEAM-Math is a partnership of 14 school districts, Auburn University, Tuskegee University and business partners, who have a common goal improving mathematics education in East Alabama.
  • Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative at Auburn University (AMSTI-AU)
    • AMSTI is the Alabama Department of Education’s initiative to improve math and science education across the state, AMSTI-AU serves the same region as TEAM-Math.
  • East Alabama School Districts
    • Alexander City Schools
    • Barbour County Schools
    • Bullock County Schools
    • Elmore County Schools
    • Tallapoosa County Schools
    • Tallassee City Schools


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